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Charles Belyea is founding director of Orthodox Taoism in America (O.D.A.), a non-profit religious organization, begun in 1982, dedicated to the transmission of Chengyidao (orthodox Taoism) to the West. Mr. Belyea holds a degree in Asian Aesthetics and has received 30 years of training in Tantric (Tibetan) Buddhism and orthodox Taoism with particular interest in ritual meditation. In Taiwan (1977-78) he was adopted into a Chinese (Shanxi) Taoist family as a lineage-holding successor to their tradition of orthodox Taoism. Since completing a one-year solitary retreat (1981) he has been involved in the design of California state and U.S. national standards for graduate education in traditional Chinese medicine (MSTCM). In the last three years he has dedicated himself to teaching Taoism and designing a curriculum for the training of orthodox Taoist priests in America. O.D.A., an organization he founded, is now in the process of publishing the Willow Record (a series of books on Chengyidao [volume one, on the practice of zuowang to be printed in 1998]) and building an authentic (orthodox) Daotan (Taoist shrine/temple) in California. O.D.A. also publishes a quarterly newsletter called "Frost Bell" which has subscribers worldwide.


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