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S. Sabra Bokhari has a Ph.D. in Education Policy, Planning and Administration from the University of Maryland at College Park. Bokhari has worked as an international education consultant at the World Bank and as a foreign language consultant with the American Council on Education, Washington D.C. She is presently working with United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Paris) as a Programme Specialist in Basic Education and Literacy. Her doctoral dissertation topic was on the Veil and Education of Muslim women in a secular environment.


Abstract of paper given at Islam and Ecology conference:
From Rio to Reality: Religious Perceptions, Cultural Barriers, and Economic Factors in Case Studies of Muslim Women in Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, and Senegal

The focus of this paper is whether it is Islam, ''Islamic culture,' or secular politics which hinder the participation of Muslim women in achieving ''common' international objectives of environmental awareness and action to prevent the deepening ecological crisis. Case studies will be used to illustrate development interventions, responses, and strategies in four countries of the Islamic diaspora: Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, and Senegal.

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