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Susan P. Bratton, Lindaman Chair of Science, Technology and Society at Whitworth College is author of two books on Christianity and environmental ethics: Six Billion and More: Human Population Regulation and Christian Ethics, and Christianity Wilderness and Wildlife: The Original Desert Solitaire. Dr. Bratton has worked for the U.S. National Park Service as director of a field laboratory in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and as coordinator of a research cooperative at the Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia. Her recent books and articles address such issues as Christian relationship to the land, Christian responses to pollution, and Christian approaches to population and women's health issues. Dr. Bratton has a Ph.D. in ecology from Cornell University, an M.A. in theology from Fuller Seminary, and a graduate certificate in environmental ethics from the University of Georgia. In December 1997, she completed a second Ph.D. in interdisciplinary arts and humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her dissertation is entitled "The Natural Aryan and the Unnatural Jew: Environmental Racismin Nazi and Weimar Film."



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