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Daniel Cowdin is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown and Catholic Universities in Washington D.C. He was an assistant professor of social and environmental ethics for the Department of Theology at Catholic University from 1991-1997. He has published articles in the Heythrop Journal, Christian Bioethics, and New Theology Review, as well as in several collections of essays (most notably for this conference "Preserving the Creation" published by Georgetown University Press in 1994).


Abstract of paper given at Christianity and Ecology conference:
The Moral Status of Otherkind in Christian Ethics

The question of the moral status is situated within various traditional and methodological approaches. The importance of the question is reaffirmed against a variety of challenges, some of which reject the project while others seem to have moved past it. A specific version of moral status is defended, which gives priority to systemic questions without eclipsing individual value. Questions such as use of otherkind and its membership in a shared community or household are explored.

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