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Ahmad-Mahdavi Damghani holds a Ph.D. in Persian Literature and a Ph.D. in Islamic Theology from Tehran University where he was a Professor at the School of Literature and at the School of Theology between 1966-1985. He has been teaching at Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania since 1987. He teaches Islamic Sciences, Islamic Literature, Advanced Arabic and Persian Sufi texts, and Islamic Philosophy. Damghani also taught in Spain at Autonomada University of Madrid for three years. He is the author of several books including Kashf al-Haqa'iq, Unveiling of Truths; al-Majdi, On the Genealogy of the Prophet Muhammad's Family; A History of Arab Shi`ah Poets; The Sources of Arabic Poems in the Kalilah wa Dimna; The Garden of Light: An Anthology of Sana`i's Hadiqah; and over 300 articles in scholarly journals.


Abstract of paper given at Islam and Ecology conference:
Protection of the Environment and Preservation of Natural Resources: A View through Islamic Primary Texts

The paper highlights views of Islam based on the Qur'an, Hadiths of the Prophet and Shi'i Imams, and Islamic legal texts concerning the protection of the environment, preservation of natural resources and the need to protect both domestic and wild animals. It also highlights discussions of the topic in Islamic culture and civilization through snippets from adab literature and Arabic and Persian poetry.

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