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Hassim Ismail Dockrat is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Human and Environmental Development. He is also the Chief Editor of The Islamic Times and Director of Peoples Alliance for Nature. Dockrat obtained his B.A. at the University of South Africa, went to the Cadet School for the Department of Foreign Affairs, and is a graduate member of the Foundation for Business Leaders. He is author of Developing a Free Society (1996).



Abstract of paper given at Islam and Ecology conference:
Mu'amalat: Religious Behavior and Environmental Concern

In Islam the complete existential Social Contract which is binding on the individual within society is contained within the idea of Jamaat. Jamaat means the binding of a complete social compact based on Ibadah (Ritual Faith and worship), Mu'amallah (principally economic behaviour such as commercial and related transactions) and Imarah (political governance). The opposite of Jamaat is the project of the individual as an end-in-itself. It is on the basis of regulatory balance between Ibadat and Mu'amalat that the idea of human ecology in the Islamic context is best appreciated. Such balance inevitably impacts upon and determines the relationship between human society and the natural environment.

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