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S. L. Gandhi, an international pacifist, is currently working as Honourary Secretary General Anuvibha, a transnational Centre for Peace and Nonviolent Action. He is Resident Representative, Jaipur Region, and International Advisor, Asia Pacific Region for Intercultural Open University, and Academic Consultant for the Global Peace University of the Netherlands. He has organized and attended several international conferences, has traveled extensively all over the world, and has translated, edited, and authored several books on Anuvrat, religion, and other related areas.


Abstract of paper given at Jainism and Ecology conference:
Jain Principle of Ahimsa and Ecology

Ecology deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical environment and studies the interaction of people with their environment. According to the Gaia scientist James Lovelock, the planet earth is gravely ill. Pressed for space and resources, human beings are becoming violent, greedy and extremely selfish. Many important species vital for human survival are gradually disappearing posing serious threat to the very survival of life on this planet. It is this dangerous situation that attracts our attention towards the Jain Principle of Ahimsa which alone can ensure environmental and ecological balance. Life is bound together by mutual support and cooperation. Ahimsa can save life on this planet.

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