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Terry Kleeman teaches in the Religious Studies and East Asian Languages and Literatures departments at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has taught at the College of William and Mary, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Pennsylvania. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (Ph.D.) and the University of British Columbia (M.A.), he has pursued research overseas at National Taiwan University, Taisho University (Tokyo), the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Sorbonne, Paris), and the University of Tokyo. His primary field is East Asian religion, especially Chinese popular religion and religious Taoism. He is the author of A God's Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang (SUNY, 1994), a study of the 12th c. revealed autobiography of the Chinese god of learning, and Great Perfection: Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millennial Kingdom (University of Hawaii Press, 1998), an account of the Ba people of southwest China, their conversion to Taoism, and their attempt to create a Taoist millennial kingdom in Sichuan during the first half of the fourth century C.E.


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