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Satish Kumar is the director of programs at Schumacher College, editor of Resurgence, and founder of the Small School. At the early age of 9 he became a Jain monk, at 18 he joined the Gandhian Movement, and later he walked from India to the United States covering 8,000 miles and propogating peace and non-violence. His autobiography No Destination is published in the United Kingdom by Green Books and will be published by William Morrow in the U.S. in early 1999.

Abstract of paper given at Jainism and Ecology conference:
Celebration of Simplicity

There are five Jain principles which, to a greater or lesser extent, all Jains -- monks and lay people -- are required to observe. They are non-violence, truth, non-accumulation of material possessions, right sexual relationship and gender dignity, and non-acquisitiveness. The paper will elaborate on and interpret these principles in the context of ecological sustainability. By understanding and practicing these principles in the contemporary context, society can develop a sense of reverence for all life and a sense of the sacred.

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