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Miyawaki Akira is Professor emeritus at Yokohama National University, and directs both the Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology and the Nagano Nature Conservation Research Institute. Since 1996 he has served as president of the International Association for Ecology (INTECOL). He has been awarded honorary doctorates from the Universities of Hannover and Gottingen, and from other universities. He has received several awards, including the Asahi Shinbun Prize, the Golden Blume von Rheydt Prize for contributions to the global environment, the Purple Ribbon Medal from the Government of Japan in recognition of his contribution to the development of vegetation science in Japan, and other awards. He has 1400 publications, including 30 editorships and 20 books, including the 10-volume Nihon shokuseishi, Nihon shokubutsu gunrakuzusetsu, and Mori wa inochi: ekorojÓ to seizonken.


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