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Simeon B. Namunu is a minister of the United Church in Papua, New Guinea and is married with three children. He graduated with a Diploma in Theology in 1978, Bachelor of Divinity in 1983, and Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 1996. He has served in his Church in various capacities as chaplain for various educational institutions, pastor of circuits, and bishop of a region of the United Church for six years. He is presently serving as the assistant director and a member of the faculty staff of the Melanesian Institute in Goroka, Papua, New Guinea.


Abstract of paper given at Indigenous Traditions and Ecology conference:
Towards an Ethic of Interdependence: Give and Take in Melanesia

Mary MacDonald and Simeon Namunu

The paper explores traditional and changing understandings of place, relationships, and work in Melanesia. It is proposed that the ethic of give and take which informs traditional social and environmental relationships offers a framework for discussion of contemporary dangers to the Melanesian environment.


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