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Ayub Ommaya 


Abstract of paper given at Islam and Ecology conference:
Integrating Science and Religion for Global Environmental Security: An Islamic Ecologic Perspective

In spite of the markedly different methods of science and religion, Islamic teachings specifically advocate the need for gaining knowledge in all spheres, as well as, serving as human guardians of nature with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Indeed Islamic exhortations expressed in the Qur'an, suggest that an unequivocal social contract guided by science (knowledge) and spiritual guidance (religion) is mandatory. A brief description of current integrative approaches towards the use of the two methods of science and religion will provide some examples of what was done in the past and what should be done now. Internal and external obstacles to salutary progress in ecology within the Islamic world will also be discussed. Special attention will be paid to the intimate connections between the geopolitical facts, the health of humans, the economy, social justice and their effects on ecological systems. The work of Bryan Maurer, emphasizing the need for both theoretical and empirical ecologists armed with sophisticated statistical techniques is undoubtedly basic. The Islamic ethic however also emphasizes the significant power of spiritual belief in driving this scientific and ethical endeavor.

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