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Muhammad Aslam Parvaiz, who has a doctorate in Plant Physiology from Aligarh Muslim University, is currently Regional Director of Maulana Azad National Urdu University at New Delhi. He research and teaching experience is spread over twenty years. He is a science communicator and has four books and more than 350 popular science articles to his credit. He is founder and editor of "Urdu Science," India's first and only popular science magazine published in Urdu. He was awarded an "International Visitorship" by the U.S. Government in 1995.


Abstract of paper given at Islam and Ecology conference:
Genetic Engineering, Cloning, and Al-Mizan (The Balance)

Our attempts to master nature and conquer its resources has caused almost irreparable damage to the environment. This has happened because we failed to recognise the significance of Natural Balance, which exists very delicately, amongst all the components of our environment. Tampering with life-forms with the help of new techniques is perceived by the author, as another attempt, though at a different level, to disturb the Natural Balance in creation.

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