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Julian Pas (S.T.D. and S.T.L., University of Louvain, Belgium; Ph.D. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), is professor emeritus of Religious Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. His prior books include The Turning of the Tide: Religion in China Today (1989); Taoist Meditation, translated with Norman Girardot from the French Meditation Taoiste by Isabelle Robinet (1993); Visions of Sukhavati: Shan-tao's Commentary on the Kuan wu-liang-shou-Fo ching (1995); and A Select Bibliography on Taoism, a second enlarged edition (1997). His Historical Dictionary of Taoism is forthcoming soon. He has published several dozen professional articles and book chapters, on Chinese Buddhism, Taoism and the Popular Religion of China, in such journals as History of Religions, Monumenta Serica, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Hong Kong Branch), Journal of Chinese Religions, Field Materials, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. He was the editor of the Journal of Chinese Religions (vols. 15-20, 1987-90), and is currently the Vice President of the Society for the Study of Chinese Religions.


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