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Samani Malli Prajna and Pratibha Prajna are the disciples of His Holiness Gurudev Shree Tulsi and Shree Mahapragya Ji. The nuns were initiated 14 and 9 years ago, respectively, and received Masters degrees in Philosophy from Jain Vishva Bharati in Ladnun, India. They teach at the Jain Vishva Bharti specializing in science of living and computer science. They are experts in spiritual discourses, Jain yoga, and Preksha Dhyan.


Abstract of paper given at Jainism and Ecology conference:
Solution to the Environmental Crisis Through Jain Way of Life

Lord Mahavira says, "Sanyamah Khalu Jivanam," i.e., moderation absolutely is life. This life may be micro or macro-organism. In other words, moderation is necessary for sustaining life in the individual organism as well as the overall environment of living beings. The lack of moderation causes environmental crisis, and today the application of self-restraint looks like the nearest determinate factor for establishing environmental ethics. Nobody can practice non-violence without first being moderate in their daily life. That is why spiritual victors say, "Non-violence is the controlling factor towards the success of all living beings." This is why we suggest that the moderate Jain way of life is the key to environmental well-being.

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