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Shalom Rosenberg has worked at Hebrew University since 1970 as a lecturer and professor. He has authored several books, including Good and Evil in Jewish Thought, Torah and Science, The World of Rav Kook's Thought, and, most recently, Not in Heaven. The author of over 50 published articles, Rosenberg is a member of the International Committee of the "Corpus Commentariorum Averrois in Aristoteles" and the Academy for Jewish Philosophy in America.


Abstract of paper given at Judaism and Ecology conference:
Torah and Nature: On the Functionality of "Nature"

This paper examines the relationship between nature and ethics in Jewish thought. Do they stand in opposition to one another, are they identical, or can ethical obligations be derived from nature? What is the relationship between Torah and nature? Biblical, rabbinic, medieval philosophical, kabbalistic, hassidic, and modern answers to these questions are analyzed and compared.

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