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Sakurai Katsunoshin is former high priest of the Taga Taisha shrine, and senior advisor to the Jinja Honch˘ (Association of Shinto Shrines). Previously he has been high priest (negi) in Ise Jingű, director of the board of trustees at K˘gakkan University in Ise, and Professor of Japanese Cultural History at Ashiya University. He has written extensively on many aspects of Shinto, from its social and intellectual history to ritual, prayers and concepts, and the history of Ise Jingű. Among his many publications and editorships are Ise Jingű no sokei to tenkai (Tokyo, 1991), Ise Jingű (Tokyo: 1998 [1988]), Gendai shosai norito daih˘ten (co edited) (Tokyo, 1988), and Nihon Shint˘ron (co-authored) (Tokyo: 1989).


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