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Ismar Schorsch is chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and its Rabbi Herman Abramowitz Professor of Jewish History. He greatly strengthened the Seminary's Beit Midrash in Jerusalem, which is training the leadership necessary to bring religious pluralism to Israel. His public statements and writings have attracted wide media attention in the secular and Jewish press, including front and editorial page coverage in The New York Times. Schorsch's longtime support of the peace process was capped by an invitation from President Clinton to serve with the official presidential delegation witnessing the peace treaty signing between Jordan and Israel in October 1994. He has become recognized as one of the foremost spokespersons on a range of national issues including the environment, separation of church and state, health care, and welfare reform. Schorsch worked closely with Vice President Albert Gore to help create the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, a coalition of religious and scientific leaders which succeeded in using the moral influence wielded by religious leaders to effect change.

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