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Sadhvi Shilapi, a Jain nun, comes from Veerayatan, a Jain socioreligious institution located at Rajgir in the State of Bihar in northeast India. She received her masters degree in Comparative Indian Religions from King's College, London in 1995 and is currently working there on her doctoral thesis, Compassionate Aspect of Jainism. She has established an International School of Jainism with centers in North and South London and in Nairobi and Thika in Kenya.


Abstract of paper given at Jainism and Ecology conference:
Environmental and Ecological Issues Propagated and Discussed by Tirthankara Mahavira

Tirthankara Mahavira was an apostle of love for all forms of life. He developed a unique oneness with all facets of the environment. Not only did he preach on environmental and ecological issues, but his entire life was an example of how to live in perfect harmony with the environment.


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