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Victoria Tauli-Corpuz in 1996 set up a new NGO called Indigenous Peoples' International Centre for Policy Research and Advocacy (Tebtebba Foundation, Inc.) It is an NGO which helps build the capacity of indigenous peoples to articulate and project their own views, positions and analysis on various issues directly affecting them. From 1987-1995 she was the founder and Executive Director, Cordillera Women's Education and Resource Center, Inc. (CWERC), an NGO which is mainly engaged in raising social and feminist awareness of indigenous women in the Cordillera, organizing them, doing research, waging mass campaigns, and helping them strengthen sustainable indigenous agro-forestry projects and other natural resource management practices. From l978-1980 she as a nurse-organizer of a community based health program among indigenous peasant organizations, in the northern barrios of Sagada, Mt. Province. In 1996 Victoria helped to organize and convene the indigenous women's caucus in Beijing during the UN Fourth World Conference on Women.


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