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Rodney L. Taylor is a professor of religious studies and associate dean of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His books include: The Cultivation of Sagehood as a Religious Goal in Neo-Confucianism: A Study of Selected Writings of Kao P'an-lung, 15621626 (Scholars Press, 1978), (with F. M. Denny) The Holy Book in Comparative Perspective (University of South Carolina Press, 1985), The Way of Heaven: An Introduction to the Confucian Religious Life (Brill, 1986), The Confucian Way of Contemplation: Okada Takehiko and the Tradition of Quiet-Sitting (University of South Carolina Press, 1988), (with J. Watson) They Shall Not Hurt: Human Suffering and Human Caring (Colorado Associated University Press, 1989), The Religious Dimensions of Confucianism (State University of New York Press, 1990), and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Chinese Confucianism (forthcoming).


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