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Mitchell Thomashow is the director of the Antioch New England Doctoral Program in Environmental Studies. He is the author of Ecological Identity: Becoming a Reflective Environmentalist (The MIT Press, 1995) which offers an approach to environmental education based on reflective practice that incorporates issues of citizenship, ecological identity, and civic responsibility within the framework of environmental studies. Currently, Thomashow is interested in the educational and psycho-spiritual dimensions of global environmental change. His recent essays and reviews consider biospheric perception, the local/global dialectic, the intellectual history of global change studies, and place based environmental education. He teaches courses such as Global Environmental Change, Environmental Thought, Ecological and Cultural Diasporas, and Perception and Place. Thomashow is the founder and supervising editor of Whole Terrain, an editorial board member of Terra Nova, and on the Advisory Board of The Orion Society.


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