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Mutang Urud is from the forest of Sarawak, Borneo. He is living in exile in Canada for daring to share with fellow forest tribes in the struggle for justice. This struggle has given their voice an opportunity to be heard at the Rio Earth Summit and addressing the UN General Assembly in 1992. Continuing international support has enable him to be part of the struggle from a distance.


Abstract of paper given at Indigenous Traditions and Ecology conference:
Kelabit Ecological Lifeways

Kelabit 'adét' (TEK) is embedded deep in the pulsating veins of the rivers, the grandeur of the landscape and the magical complexity of the non-human world. It is practical and moral, sustainable and flexible, but is highly localized and threatened. The paper will reflect upon my personal experiences and on the myths and legends of our people and the spirit beings that share creation with us. These interweaving relationships result in respectful life that is gentle to the land. But can such lifeways persist in this age of globalization and skeptical secularization?


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