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Judaism and Ecology

February 22-24, 1998

Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction -

Lawrence Sullivan, Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions

Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, Bucknell University

Steven Shaw, Jewish Theological Seminary

Moshe Sokol, Touro College

Interdisciplinary Reflections

Moderator - Michael Paley, UJA Federation, New York

Ismar Schorsch, Jewish Theological Seminary

Judaism and Nature: Some Critical Reflections

Lawrence Rasmussen, Union Theological Seminary:

New Directions in Theological Ethics, Nature and the Environment - ABSTRACT

J. Baird Callicott, University of North Texas

Current Issues in Environmental Philosophy - ABSTRACT

Toward a Contemporary Jewish Theology of the Natural World

Moderator - Mitchell Thomashow, Antioch New England Graduate Center

Michael Fishbane, University of Chicago

Arthur Green, Brandeis University

Nature in Winter: A Brief Ecological Field Trip (Part I)

Steve Shaw, Dan Swartz, and Michal Smart

The Mystical Tradition

Chair - Everett Gendler, Andover, Massachusetts

Yehuda Gellman, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel:

Buber's Bluff: On the Attitude of Early Hasidism to the World and Nature - ABSTRACT

Shaul Magid, Jewish Theological Seminary:

Nature and Disability: The Natural World in Nahman of Bratzlav's "Tale of The Seven Beggars" - ABSTRACT

Elliot Wolfson, New York University:

The Mirror of Nature in the Jewish Mystical Tradition - ABSTRACT

Respondent - Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Indiana University

Nature and Moral Obligation: Theoretical Perspectives

Chair - Roger Gottlieb, Worcester Polytechnical Institute

Lenn Evan Goodman, Vanderbilt University

Respect for Nature in the Jewish Tradition - ABSTRACT

Shalom Rosenberg, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Torah and Nature: On the Functionality of "Nature" - ABSTRACT

Moshe Sokol, Touro College

What are the Ethical Implications of Jewish Theological Conceptions of Nature? - ABSTRACT

Respondent - Barry Kogan, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati

The Bible through an Ecological Prism

Daniel Hillel, Center for Environmental Studies, Karkur, Israel

The Bible through an Ecological Prism

Nature and Human Obligation: Biblical and Theological Reflections

Chair - Eric Katz, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Tsvi Blanchard, CLAL

Can Judaism Make Environmental Policy? Sacred and Secular Language in Jewish Environmental Discourse - ABSTRACT

Evan Eisenberg, Leverett, Massachusetts

The Ecology of Eden - ABSTRACT

Tikva Frymer-Kensky, University of Chicago

"Leshev" and Gaia: The Limits of Biblical Ecology - ABSTRACT

Respondent - Eilon Schwartz, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Creation and Nature

Chair - David Shatz, Yeshiva University

Stephen Geller, Jewish Theological Seminary

Nature's Answer: Creation and Theodicy in the Bible - ABSTRACT

Neil Gillman, Jewish Theological Seminary

Liturgical Transformations of the Creation Stories - ABSTRACT

David Novak, University of Toronto

The Doctrine of Creation and the Idea of Nature - ABSTRACT

Respondent - Jon Levenson, Harvard University

An Evening with Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University

Chair - Paul Gorman, National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Nature in Winter: A Brief Ecological Field Trip (Part II)

Steve Shaw, Dan Swartz, and Michal Smart

Modern Jewish Thought

Chair - David Szonyi, Jewish Theological Seminary

Benjamin Ish Shalom, Bet Morasha, Jerusalem

Nature in the Thought of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook - ABSTRACT

Edward Kaplan, Brandeis University

Reverence and Responsibility: Abraham Joshua Heschel on Nature and The Self - ABSTRACT

Respondent - Susan Shapiro, Columbia University

Nature and the Environment: Perspectives from the Rabbinic Tradition

Chair - Lawrence Troster, CLAL

Eliezer Diamond, Jewish Theological Seminary

How Much Is Too Much? The Problem of Conventional Versus Individual Pollution Standards in Rabbinic Law - ABSTRACT

David Kraemer, Jewish Theological Seminary

Jewish Death Practices: A Commentary on the Relationship of Humans to the Natural World - ABSTRACT

Respondent - Saul Berman, Yeshiva University

The Engaged Community: Reflections by Jewish Environmental Practitioners

Chair - Rachel Cowan, The Nathan Cummings Foundation

Daniel Swartz, National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Mark Jacobs, Coalition on the Environment & Jewish Life

Michal Smart, Camp Isabella Freedman

Jeremy Benstein, Heschel Center for Nature Studies, Israel