Integrating Ecology, Justice, and Peace


With John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Francis Day at Agape Community
2062 Greenwich Rd.
Ware, MA, USA

October 4, 2014

10am - 4pm

John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker are Directors of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University and are the Executive Producers of "Journey of the Universe", which will be shown during the program.

They were students of Thomas Berry, edited his books, and collaborated with him for 35 years.

One of the greatest discoveries of the last century is that we humans are part of a vast, sacred universe that has given rise to life. Yet at the same time, humans are imperiling this life by unraveling the ecosystems that support the Earth community. To speak in this context, then, about peace, justice, and the integrity of creation would be to speak for the continuity of life in all its forms.

Some questions to be explored are: How can we bring these perspectives and movements into greater dialogue and cooperation? What are the shared moral principles that would bring these concerns together? What roles can various sectors play in this integration: education, religious communities, civil society (NGOS, non profits)?

Youth Panel of 350 and climate activists; Environmental groups and peace and justice groups join in discussion about the need for inter-group dialogue on action for climate change and related planetary concerns.

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