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“International Conference on World Peace”
Gujarat University
Ahmedabad, India
December 28, 2003–January 2, 2004

“The Ethical Dimensions of the Evolving Security and Sustainability Agenda in the Mediterranean and the World at Large”
Earth Dialogues Conference
Barcelona, Spain
February 5–6, 3004

“National Launch Event”
Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
March 7, 2004

“Dialogue on Ethics of Sustainability”
Rachel Carson Lecture
Florida Gulf Coast University
Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education
Sanibel Island
March 25, 2004

“Abrahamic Traditions and the Environmental Crisis”
Interfaith Center of New York
Forum on Religion and Ecology/Center for Respect of Life and Environment
New York, NY
May 11, 2004

“One Earth, Many Religions: Stories of Success”
Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology
University of Toronto
May 16, 2004

“The Blessing of Water” Conference
Caring for Creation
Davis Community Church
Davis, CA
May 22, 2004

“The Universe Story and the Emerging Planetary Civilization”
The Open Center
New York, NY
June 18, 2004

“2004 Parliament of World Religions”
Barcelona, Spain
July 7–13, 2004

“High School Teachers Workshop”
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
July 14–22, 2004

“Formation of Worldview in Early East Asia”
Invitational Conference
Center for the Study of East Asian Civilization
Nation Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
August 20–21, 2004

“Engaged Cosmology”
Invitational Conference
Sophia Cener at Holy Names College and Global Education Associates
Presentation Center
Los Gatos, CA
September 24–25, 2004

“No Movement is an Island”
Invitational Conference
Environmental Grantmakers Association
Hyatt Kaua'i Resort
Kaua'i, HI

October 2–6, 2004

“Water Conflicts and Spiritual Transformation: A Dialogue”
Invitational Conference
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security; the Pontifical Academy of Sciences; the International Water Academy; Oregon State University's Department of Geosciences
Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Vatican City
Rome, Italy
October 13–15, 2004

“Land, Food, and Faith: The Values at Stake”
Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology
Guelph, Ontario
October 30, 2004

“Finding Our Voices”
First Midwest Environmental Ethics Conference
Severson Dells Education Foundation and Rock Valley College
Rockford, IL
November 13, 2004

“2004 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR)”
San Antonio, TX
November 19–22, 2004

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