‘Rock-star pope’ intends to amplify his climate message
January 7, 2015

Pope Francis plants a flag in the ground on climate change
January 6, 2015
The Guardian

Why Pope Francis is going green in 2015
January 5, 2015
The Star

Green Church Newsletter
January 2015

Pope Francis climate change call to action makes waves in faith communities
January 5, 2015

2015 could be the year we save the earth
January 2, 2015
National Catholic Reporter

Can a Christian Make Conservatives Care About Climate Change?
January 1, 2015
Rolling Stone

Pope Francis Calls for Action on Climate Change & Capitalism on a Planet “Exploited by Human Greed”
December 31, 2014
Democracy Now

Tracing the Roots of Pope Francis’s Climate Plans for 2015
December 31, 2014
New York Times

Religious Studies Can Help Save the Planet
December 29, 2014
State of Formation

Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches
December 27, 2014
The Guardian

Pope Francis: climate evangelist?
December 19, 2014

Care for the Whole Creation: The World Council of Churches at COP20 in Lima
December 17, 2014
Huffington Post

Preparing for the Storm: Anticipating and Countering the Attacks on Pope Francis and His Encyclical
December 16, 2014
Millennial Journal

The New Paradigm of Energy Ethics
December 2014
Global Energy Affairs

Global group of Catholic bishops call for end to fossil fuels
December 10, 2014
BBC News

New chapter in Daoist ecology
December 10, 2014
Alliance of Religions and Conservation

Call for Papers: “An Unexpected Wilderness: Seeking God on a Changing Planet”
December 2014
College Theology Society

Bishops in Peru issue call to combat climate change
December 6, 2014

Gods and faith versus Coal in name of climate change
December 5, 2014
The Guardian

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